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Why MFP 2019 Will Be A Disappointment For Some

July 16, 2019 11:06 AM

Source:  PRO AG

The flow of meaningful information from USDA leadership about MFP 2019 payments has remained painfully slow. Yes, there was the big announcement, but there has been exactly zero information that producers can plug into their farm financial projections to help them plan for the rest of 2019. In the absence of tangible information, we’ve been asked numerous time what …


Local Grains

Last Updated Jul 19, 2019 8:34 AM*
Corn Old Crop New Crop
Pro Coop, Terril - 1 -.06 -.33
Lakota Ethanol - GPRE, Superior .13 -.32
CFE, Ocheyedan - Old 1 .15 -.25
Stateline Co-op, Halfa -.07 -.23
Poet Bio Refining, Emmetsburg -.05 -.25
Max Yield, Mallard -.10 -.33
Max Yield, Fostoria -.09 -.35
Max Yield, Kerber +.05 -.22
Ag Partners, Fonda -.08 -.30
Ag Partners, Hartley +.05 -.30

Soybeans Old Crop New Crop
Pro Coop, Terril - 1 -.75 -.87
Meadowland Co-op, Lamberton,MN -.80 -.90
CHS, Fairmont -.43 -.63
CFE, Ocheyedan - Old 1 -.86 -.91
First Co-op, Laurens -.75 -.90
Max Yield, Fostoria -.80 -.90
Max Yield, Mallard -.80 -.90
Ag Partners, Emmetsburg -.73 -.90
Ag Partners, Hartley -.81 -.91
WFS Co-op, Dolliver -.69 -.90

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*This information was current as of this date. We believe it to be accurate but assume no responsibility.

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