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Commodity Headlines

Farmers in Mato Grosso threaten to stop planting corn

February 6, 2019 10:00 AM


Productive sector is revolted with the return of the collection of the Fund of Transportation and Housing (Fethab); tax per ton will be approximately R $ 8,33

February 5, 2019 at 07:20 

By Pedro Silvestre, from Jaciara (MT)

There is a campaign so that the farmer of Mato Grosso do not plant corn in 2020 if the state government does not give …


Local Grains

Last Updated Feb 15, 2019 8:38 AM*
Corn Old Crop New Crop
Pro Coop, Terril - 1 -.30 -.50
Lakota Ethanol - GPRE, Superior -.28 -.43
CFE, Ocheyedan - Old 1 -.20 -.45
Stateline Co-op, Halfa -.20 -.43
Poet Bio Refining, Emmetsburg -.16 -.40
Max Yield, Mallard -.34 -.50
Max Yield, Fostoria -.35 -.50
Max Yield, Kerber -.19 -.42
Ag Partners, Fonda -.30 -.47
Ag Partners, Hartley -.22 -.47

Soybeans Old Crop New Crop
Pro Coop, Terril - 1 -.90 -.93
Meadowland Co-op, Lamberton,MN -.85 -.90
CHS, Fairmont -.53 -.70
CFE, Ocheyedan - Old 1 -.95 -.90
First Co-op, Laurens -.92 -.91
Max Yield, Fostoria -.93 -.95
Max Yield, Mallard -.94 -.94
Ag Partners, Emmetsburg -.90 -.95
Ag Partners, Hartley -.90 -.91
WFS Co-op, Dolliver -.79 -.90

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*This information was current as of this date. We believe it to be accurate but assume no responsibility.

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